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The second part will focus on the dynamical modular curves that classify quadratic polynomials having a specified periodic point structure, analogous to classical elliptic modular curves.

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The third part will describe relations between the field of definition and the field of moduli of a rational map. November 10 - 14, Mini-workshop on complex dynamics.

Potential Theory and Dynamics on the Berkovich Projective Line

Introduction to p-adic dynamics Rob Benedetto As the title indicates, this talk will be an introduction to p-adic dynamics, including a discussion of periodic points, attracting, repelling, indifferent , the p-adic Fatou and Julia sets, disk-components and analytic components, wandering domains, and other topics as time permits.

Berkovich space and dynamics on Berkovich space Bob Rumely This talk will begin with a description of the Berkovich projective line over a complete, algebraically closed nonarchimedean field, and the way that a rational function acts on the Berkovich projective line. A survey of global arithmetic dynamics Joe Silverman Arithmetic dynamics is the study of dynamical systems from a viewpoint derived from the classical theory of Diophantine equations and arithmetic geometry.

Potential theory on the Berkovich Projective Line PDF Free

Applications of p-adic dynamics Rob Benedetto This talk will focus on applications of p-adic dynamics, including strong non-uniform bounds for global periodic points. Families of dynamical systems and their associated moduli spaces Joe Silverman In the first part of this talk I will discuss the construction of parameter and moduli spaces associated to families of rational functions, including the use of mulitplier systems, an explicit description of the moduli space of rational maps of degree two, and a sampling of open questions concerning such spaces.

Potential Theory and Dynamics on the Berkovich Projective Line

Monday November 10, 3rd Floor Stewart Library. Holomorphic maps and entropy: Background and guiding principles Jeffrey Diller. Equidistribution problems in holomorphic dynamics Nessim Sibony.

Kinematics of Fluid Flow - Equipotential Line

Dynamics of polynomial diffeomorphisms Eric Bedford. Tuesday November 11, Room Rational surface maps: geometric issues Jeffrey Diller.

Rumely, Robert 1952-

Dynamics of polynomial diffeomorphisms cont'd Eric Bedford. Wednesday November 12, Room Rational surface maps: analytic issues Jeffrey Diller. Dynamics of meromorphic maps on compact Kahler manifolds Henri De Thelin. Surface dynamics and the Riemann-Zariski space Mattias Jonsson.

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