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Each available frequency band is divided into sub-frequencies. Signals rapidly change "hop" among these in a predetermined order. Interference at a specific frequency will only affect the signal during that short interval. Spread-spectrum signals are highly resistant to deliberate jamming , unless the adversary has knowledge of the spreading characteristics.

Military radios use cryptographic techniques to generate the channel sequence under the control of a secret Transmission Security Key TRANSEC that the sender and receiver share in advance.

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By itself, frequency hopping provides only limited protection against eavesdropping and jamming. Most modern military frequency hopping radios also employ separate encryption devices such as the KY Speech Security Equipment. Despite the name's similarity to the FRS allocation , the system is a proprietary design, rather than an official FCC allocated service.

Frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology is also used in many hobby RC radio controlled transmitters and receivers used for model cars, airplanes, and drones. Motorola has deployed a business-banded, license-free digital radio that uses FHSS technology: the DTR series, models , and The overall bandwidth required for frequency hopping is much wider than that required to transmit the same information using only one carrier frequency.

However, because transmission occurs only on a small portion of this bandwidth at any given time, the effective interference bandwidth is really the same.

While providing no extra protection against wideband thermal noise , the frequency-hopping approach does reduce the degradation caused by narrowband interference sources. One of the challenges of frequency-hopping systems is to synchronize the transmitter and receiver. One approach is to have a guarantee that the transmitter will use all the channels in a fixed period of time.

The receiver can then find the transmitter by picking a random channel and listening for valid data on that channel.

The transmitter's data is identified by a special sequence of data that is unlikely to occur over the segment of data for this channel, and the segment can also have a checksum for integrity checking and further identification. The transmitter and receiver can use fixed tables of channel sequences, so that once synchronized they can maintain communication by following the table.

On each channel segment, the transmitter can send its current location in the table. Both frequency hopping and direct sequence systems can transmit at 1 Watt, a thousand-fold increase from the 1 milliwatt limit on non-spread-spectrum systems. The Federal Communications Commission FCC also prescribes a minimum number of channels and a maximum dwell time for each channel. In a real multipoint spread spectrum radio system, space allows the possibility of multiple transmissions on the same frequency using multiple radios in a geographic area. This creates the possibility of system data rates that are higher than the Shannon limit for a single channel.

Spread spectrum systems do not violate the Shannon limit.

Multi-Carrier Spread-Spectrum & Related Topics

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