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Iracki, K. Malanowski, S. In: J. Stoer Hrsg. Theoretical Analysis and empirical Application of Goal Programming with preemptive prioritiy structures.

Decision Support Systems

In: Thiriez, H. Manfred Reichert and Hajo Reijers, S. Innsbruck, Austria: None. Debugging non-ground ASP programs with choice rules, cardinality constraints and weight constraints.

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A simple transformation from Prolog-written metalevel interpreters into compilers and its implementation. Transforming interpreters into compilers by goal classification. A Model Outline. In: N. Malhotra ed.

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VIII, pp. Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium Rudloff, Birgit. Dynamic Multivariate Programming. Details Rudloff, Birgit. The role of private sector in cash transfer programming of humanitarian response. Time Consistency of the Mean-Risk Problem. Dynamic programming for multivariate problems involving risk measures.

Details Hochreiter, Ronald. Financial Portfolio Optimization using R.

Decision making

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Research report, expert opinion Hasenauer, Rainer, Bednar, L.. Hansen, Hans Robert. Hansen, Hans Robert, Kaiser, E. Hochreiter, Ronald.


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