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Discrete Mathematics/Graph theory

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Manifesto degli studi. Graph theory, discrete mathematics and optimization. Micro-econometrics, causal inference and time series econometrics. Advanced microeconomics and macroeconomics. Coding for data science and data management.

  • Modern Surgical Care: Physiologic Foundations and Clinical Applications (Two-Volume Set).
  • The Paradox Relational Database Advisor: Elements of Database Design.
  • Discrete Structures & Optimization for NTA NET - DigiiMento;
  • Mathematical Theory of Quantum Fields?

Machine learning, statistical learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence. Algorithms for massive data, cloud and distributed computing. Cybersecurity and privacy preservation techniques and digital security and privacy. Clustering and probabilistic modelling. Communication research. Datamining and computational statistics. Digital business strategies.

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Economics of government and policy evaluation. Experimental methods and behavioural economics. Fintech industry. Game theory. Global firms and markets. Human resource management via workforce analytics. Industrial organization and competitive policies. Intellectual property for business: strategy and analysis. Knowledge extraction and information retrieval.


Labour economics and policy evaluation. Marketing analytics.

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Related articles in Google Scholar. Citing articles via Google Scholar. London Math. Period and index, symbol lengths, and generic splittings in Galois cohomology.

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Note on short-time behavior of semigroups associated to self-adjoint operators. A multiplicative analogue of Schnirelmann's theorem. Facebook Twitter Advertising and Corporate Services. Economic and financial models. Probability, events and Combinatorics. Finite and discrete time Markov chains. Random walks. Graph theory: definitions and fundamental concepts.

Directed and undirected graphs. Graph complexity. Mining social network graphs. Module Optimization Syllabus Introduction to complex decision problems. Mathematical Programming. Theory of Decision under Uncertainty. Game Theory and Group Decision-making. Lesson period.