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Search form Search. Create new account Request new password. You are here Home. You may submit appeals for the following reasons: 1. SA1 Appeal Form.

SA2 Appeal Form. An appeal must be based either: on evidence of extenuating circumstances relevant to your progress which in your view was not in the possession of the Board of Examiners when it made its decision SA1 appeal on a procedural or other irregularity associated with the decision SA2 appeal.

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These procedures are rarely used, but are of great importance for the functioning of the European Union and the way decisions are made within the European Union. The consultation procedure is used for politically sensitive issues, where the member states bear responsibility for policy making and where the member states make decisions based on unanimity.

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Much of the EU's regulatory work involves secondary legislation. Primary legal acts establish which of the procedures for secondary legislation is to be used.

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Firm guidelines and rules govern that choice. Many of the legal acts that are adopted in the European Union are of a general nature.

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The practical details of these legal acts are dealt with through secondary legislation. Secondary legislation cannot exceed the framework established in the general act. However, specific measures can still yield significant effect. The procedure for adopting secondary legislation depends on which of three procedures is used.

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For proposals that relate to social policy issues the European Commission is obliged to involve social partners in the decision making process. The involvement of the social partners may move beyond an advisory role: member states can decide to have social partners draw up secondary legislation, albeit within certain boundaries.

This apsect is what makes the social protocol different from the other procedures for establishing secondary legislation. However, the social protocol is only possible in a limited number of social policy areas.

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Decision-making procedures in the European Union - Main contents. Contents The ordinary legislative procedure Special legislative procedures.

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