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Welcome to Risky Business We organise and run conferences and courses to improve safety and outcomes in healthcare and other high risk industries.

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Learning how to manage risk, harness innovation, improve teamwork and leadership are vital ingredients in achieving these goals. Find out more Doctors This is a patient safety conference with a big difference. Exceptional speakers, from a wide array of high risk environments, share their stories of endeavour, safety, risk, human factors, systems and quality improvement. The lessons we can all draw from their experiences will help us manage risk and make our work environments safer, more efficient and happier places. London talks Here's the latest talks from our London Conference.

Dr Claire Park. Professor Jo Delahunty QC.

Captain Steve Allright. Mary Anne Hilliard and David Wessel. Dr Robin Warshafsky. Yvonne Coghill. Dr Anu Mitra. Steve Richards.

Billy Monger. Assistant Commissioner Andy Roe. Lord Adonis.

Dr Mike Christian. Dr Richard Smith. Dame Inga Beale. Dr Michael Stein. Professor Mark Wilson.


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Tom Williams. Amy Pope. Beyond these pragmatic reasons, though, we need to value risk-taking as fundamentally human. Why did I choose to bring a new show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe?

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I could have spent August in the garden, reading and working on my next book, instead of accosting strangers with leaflets, and then offering myself for their judgement daily on a tiny stage in a dark basement. I felt that I had fallen into the habit of only doing things that I know I can do, and foresaw my envelope of comfort shrinking to become a straitjacket. And I wanted to find out what I was capable of, onstage with a live audience and limited control over what will happen in each show. Only through this willingness to start something new in ignorance of how the tale will end, can we discover, and reveal to others, who we are.

Not what we are — an inventory of our qualities or social categories — but who — our character that emerges only in action. He writes with a deep humanism about the freedom of flight, but also about the connection he felt with other people. Some of them crossed his path only once in a distant land, or were nothing more to him than the sparks of their firelight, glimpsed far below his wings at night.

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But to him, each person was an irreplaceable subject, the centre of a unique universe that would vanish at the moment of their death. He himself describes crash landing in the desert, defying the odds by not dying on impact, only to realise that the most likely outcome was dying of thirst before rescuers could find him. But at least I have breathed the wind of the sea.

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His story found its ending, leaving us to draw meaning from his choice to live life to the full by embracing the risk of death. Our Mission. So let me rephrase that: why do we take the risks we do? Suggested reading Even experts are ignorant By Sam Leith. Suggested reading How to understand the rise of national populism By Matthew Goodwin. Suggested reading We need to talk about death By Ruth Davidson.

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